Kentucky Factory Overview:

North Carolina Battery Plant Overview:

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Kentucky Factory In-depth:

What did I work on?

 I was given the task to develop and procure an arc welding training cell in the US integrating Toyota's newest tech. The training cell at the time was limited to basic straight line welds which is not suitable for teaching technicians properly.

How did I make and approach solving the problem?

 I wanted the training cell to be different and unique. Toyota's arc welding robots can perform very difficult welds at a consistency that is unmatched. Utilizing all 15 of its axis these robots can weld up a car that allows Toyota to have a car rolling off the line every 55 seconds. But if you take it down to the roots of all its complexity, all its doing is welding. So that is where I began my research to build the training cell. Looking at how human welders approach welding complex shapes I stumbled upon something called a welding table. 

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