Fair Game Warranty



DEAF LLC’s Fair Game Warranty Policy 



  • If the Structural Integrity of the enclosure is compromised to where the enclosure is not functional within 180 days since the placement of order; DEAF LLC will replace it with no questions asked.

What it covers: 

  • Major cracks on the main body of the enclosure. 
  • A hole has appeared on the main body of the enclosure.
  • Major dent (Larger than a golf ball) where electronics no longer fit. 
  • An enclosure that is no longer water-resistant.

What it does not cover:

  • Minor cracks on the brim of the enclosure.
  • Mis-drilled holes.
  • Minor dents and scratches that doesn’t interfere with electronics.
  • We don't cover damage in case of a poor seal.
  • Anything else damaged such as electronics, boards, etc. 
  • Temperature damage. 

How to Claim:

  • Email support and include: order number, reason for replacement.
  • We will then email you the return address for you to ship. Upon arrival, the claim will be verified and a replacement enclosure will be sent. Please allow 5-10 business days for your package to be shipped.


*If the claim is found not to be covered by the Fair Game Warranty Policy, The enclosure will be sent back. 

*Please note: DEAF LLC's Fair Game Warranty applies exclusively to new enclosures purchased from DEAF LLC. Enclosures purchased elsewhere are not covered under Warranty.